One woman’s battle against the not-s0-friendly bronzed Aussie bloke!

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Benefits of reading I’m Not Your “Baby”

Travel on a journey deep into the land downunder in a fascinating, shocking and surprising look into the darker, yet brighter side of Australia. What happens right out in the blatant open of brilliantly sunlit days of this tropical coastal town will both disturb and intrigue you.

Become immersed in the unique Aussie jargon. A language full of colloquialisms, rhyming slang, idioms and popular expressions like “Wanna root?” and “Waddya reckon?”. Some will charm you while some will simply repel you.

Encounter a colourful yet shady troupe of characters with tradies, hoons, coasties and bogans interacting with the one that you’ll care about the most, our delightful yet beleaguered author.

Extend your vision into another’s real life experiences and point of view. Gain new insight and understanding about how our main character views the world and develop a new appreciation for women and their every day challenges regarding men.

For any woman who has been through just one or any number of similar experiences in this memoir, they will not only feel a strong sense of connection with the author but will resonate a feeling of validation and support. Any woman from sexual assault survivors to victims of any kind of sexual harassment will share a common bond and sisterhood with our storyteller. It can be triggering and difficult to read for those at times, but will feel comforted by the fact that they are not alone.

Men, particularly young men, will develop a much greater understanding of how women really feel about the male gender and what they are repelled by. It will encourage every male to be a better man and to modify certain attitudes and behaviours if they are guilty. It is definitely a what not to do book.

For parents of girls of any age, you will be given a huge wake up call. The stories told in this book will prompt you to talk to your daughters (and sons) about the dangers of male predators. You will realize the importance of advising them to speak out if sexually harassed or assaulted and to reassure them not to fear reporting against any sexual crimes.

Be inspired by the determination of our main character as she tries to remain positive, seeking the life she wants despite her constant battles, difficult challenges, trauma  and endless set-backs.

Gain an admiration for the author’s courage and bravery of speaking out. Some memories evoke fear and shame, which tries to convince us to lock our thoughts away and never reveal them. It requires great courage to share such memories with the world and the colossal task of this journey of life to literature is most evident here.

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